World first: A Netflix series successfully stored in DNA

DNA data storage
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The Neural Link

From BigQuery truncate table to dynamic SQL support; we cover 12 user-friendly BigQuery functions released by Google Cloud.

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1. Add table columns via DDL

alter table mydataset.mytable
add column a string,
add column if not exists b geography,
add column c array<numeric>,
add column…

From SQL Server to Google BigQuery: Learn why I love common table expressions.

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I explore BigQuery’s new UI, just released in preview

BigQuery new UI 2021
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#1 new layout, new panels

SQL tuning tips and advice to help reduce BigQuery execution time and costs. Start 2021 off on the right foot!

BigQuery performance tips
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Make a NY resolution for 2021: Easy to read, and maintainable SQL

SQL naming standards
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#1 Choose a CASE and Stick to_it

select first employee_first_name,
surname employee_last_name…

We use a common example: un-nesting Firebase event data to facilitate data science analysis

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What is semi-structured data?

We train an AutoML image classification model for Kaggle’s latest competition. See how it ranks against human Data Scientists.

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We show you how in easy to follow steps

Importing Kaggle data into Google Cloud Storage
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In the third article of the series, we explore Google’s (human) Data Labelling Service for Advanced Video Labelling

Google Cloud AI Platform Data labeling Service
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Google Cloud AI Platform

What do we mean by labelling?

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